The Las Vegas Strip has grown to be a financial power over the last fifteen years. Gambling has been the center of this growth. Every single day more and more people come to this strip to gamble and live their life on the edge. Gambling comes along with drinking, and drinking means no driving. Hotels have also been a big reason on the growth of this strip. The Las Vegas strip has some of the world’s most amazing hotels. Some of the most famous people stay in these hotels on the daily basis. These hotels are another reason why people come to this strip from all over the world.

Another group of people responsible for the Las Vegas strip growth are the chaplains that come into the city and set-up shop. Las Vegas performs more marriages than anywhere else in the world. This is also a haven for those that want to get married to the same sex.

This is also a cheap way to get married, and these chaplains have stepped up their marriage ceremonies. People that get married on this strip can have their dream wedding come to life in no time at all.

One additional group that helped the growth of the Las Vegas strip are those that helped sports gambling become legal. People no longer have to hide and duck when they bet on sports games, and they no longer have to bet on games through a bookie. The Las Vegas strip has many centers where people can bet on every sport available. It is one hundred percent legal. Beyond that, betting on these games does not cost a lot of money. When a person wins, they are paid right on the spot. People have moved to this area just to be around this gambling lifestyle.

The information here explains how the Las Vegas strip has grown over the past fifteen years.

Furthermore, this information details all of the groups that are responsible for making this strip what it is today. One more detail this information gives is all this strip has to offer to everyone. This is truly a strip that has something for everyone, and it is always safe, too. People love this place, and most people call it home.

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